Magenta is an independent organization that operates from Amsterdam and works towards an inclusive society in the Netherlands, Europe and globally. Since its founding in 1992, Magenta has contributed in different, but always innovative ways, to combat discrimination anywhere, against anyone, in any way whatsoever. Antisemitism or hatred against Muslims, discrimination based on ethnicity, stereotyping based on nationality, gender or sexual preference: our scope is broad and multifaceted, the reason why the activities of Magenta are characterized by a great variety. Every time Magenta attempts in yet another way to denounce and reduce discrimination in a concrete, practical, non-ideological and non-partisan way. We try to think outside the box and to take risks. Magenta works together with anyone who advocates antiracism, antidiscrimination, human rights, democracy and a non-violent society.

The main projects:

Complaints Bureau for Discrimination on the Internet

Shortly after being established, Magenta was the first organization in the world that dedicated itself to combat discrimination on the Internet. Since then, Magenta took action against more than eleven thousand discriminatory expressions on the Internet. Magenta assesses whether the expression is against the law and if this is the case, it requests the author or owner to remove the content. In 2012 this was done succesfully in as many as 78% of the cases. However, the effect of removal alone is not the only way to fight discrimination on the Internet. Since 2012 Magenta is working on the development of a so-called counter speech strategy; to refute allegations or empty claims, and to carry out positive campaigns on the Internet.

Training centre

Magenta actively contributes to the transfer of knowledge and experience. Magenta organizes workshops and training and in this way gives participants the opportunity to become acquainted with the range of options to actively combat discrimination on the internet.

Network Facilitation

Through the website ICARE.TO (Internet Centre Anti Racism Europe) Magenta supports activities and organizations in the field of democratic, non-violent human rights defense and anti-racism through dissemination of information, reporting on relevant events, the promotion of mutual communication, the support of campaigns and actions and the encouragement of multidisciplinary international cooperation.

International cooperation against cyber hate

Magenta also hosts the secretariat of the International Network Against Cyber ​​Hate (INACH). By now, organizations in 20 countries participate in this network, each in their own way denouncing cyber hate, protecting the rights of all Internet users and promoting respect between people. Among other things, INACH does this by exchanging experience and information with the participating organizations, organizing conferences and workshops and trying to place and maintain cyber hate high on the international agenda.

Magenta is internationally known for its pioneering approach: competent and legally intelligent where necessary, an activist approach where possible, advisory and supportive where needed, but always innovative, resourceful and tenacious.


The Board

Prof. Dr.. H. (Rik) Kaspersen, Chairman
Mr. Drs. O. (Onno) Rodbard, treasurer
Mw. A. (Alexis) Aronowitz, member
Mr. Drs. F. (Firoez) Azarhoosh, member

Management team

Mr. R. (Ronald) Eissens, General Manager
Ms. S.H.C. (Suzette) Bronkhorst, Director Projects


For 2013, the work of the foundation was made ​​possible by contributions from Open Society Institute / Open Society Foundations (OSI / OSF), the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (OSCE / ODIHR) and the Fondation Verbe et Lumiere-Vigilance.