In 2010 we did:

reporting on the Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade 2010

Lobbyed Dutch Parliamentarians on the problem of Online Hate Speech

Attended a meeting in Palo Alto (California, USA) with representatives of the INternet Industry and Social Media on the subject of Cyber Hate

Particpated in a OSCE/ODIHR Warsaw Expert meeting on 'Hate on the Net' in March

Participated in the 'Hate crime -- Forgotten Victims' conference in Prague

Participated in several National and International Conferences.

Started working on decription and strtegies for 'Counterspeech'

Participated in the OSCE High Level Conference on Tolerance in Astana, Kazakhstan. 

Paticipated in the September Review Conference organized by the OSCE, Warsaw. 

Did a presentation on Cybe Hate during a OSF organised eventin Bratislawa, Slovakia.


In 2011 we:

Participated in the March High-Level OSCE Conference on Antisemitism in Parague

Gave a workshop in Washington DC for the AJC ACCESS 20/20 Youth Conference, in May.

Participated in several National and International Expert Meetings on Hate Crime and Cyber Hate.

Participated in the annual OSCE HDIM meeting in Warsaw in October

Participated in the annual INACH Confernce held in Paris, October. 

Participated in a reseacrh project by the Dutch NIOD on hate speech amongst ethnic minorities. 

Spoke and led workshops at several conference in Berlin (EVZ, FES) on RIght-Wing Extremism and on Hate Crime.

Consulted on a Counterspeech project of the National Union of Israeli Students

Did a lecture for Amnesty International on racism, hate against Muslims, antisemitism and discrimination in the Netherlands. 

Gave several interviews to national and International media. 


In 2012 we:

gave training sessions for the Counterspeech / No Hate Speech project of the Council of Europe Youth department, at the COE Youth Centers in Strasbourg and Budapest. 

participated in the creation of a so-called 'meldknop, a one-click instrument to file complaints about a broad scale of harmful Internet content, amongst those online hate speech and child pornogrphy. 

participated in the creation of the NGO shadow report on the UN CERD Rapport about the Netherlands.

had several meetings with Dutch ministerial civil servants about the termination of support for our MDI department

Gave a training for Students of the National Union of Israeli Studens SCOA-project (STudents Countering Online Antisemitism)

Advised the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs on the creation of an automated sytem on assessing hate speech.