In 2006, we:

  • Increased number of subscribers to our mailing list
  • Gathered and disseminated news through our portal at www.icare.to and through our mailing lists.
  • Created thematic pages on Antisemitism, Homophobia and Muslim Hate
  • Attended and reported on events such as the 1st European Conference about Anti-Black Racism - CRAN '06 in Geneva (March); the ‘White March' in support of the families and victims of the racist attacks in Antwerp (May); Abolition of Slavery Remembrance Ceremony in Amsterdam (June); and the Civil G8 Forum in Moscow (July)
  • Hosted and facilitated ‘Counter Anti Semitism Worldwide', an international list on antisemitism
  • Organised and hosted the first International Conference on antisemitism in academia




  • Published real Audio interviews with NGOs reporting on their planned activities during International Week Against Racism
  • Did news News Specials on:

§ Human Rights and Elections in Belarus

§ Follow-up; Support the actions for Democracy and Human Rights in Belarus!

§ Poland in trouble

§ Gay Pride Latvia

§ Council Elections in the UK

§ Prophet Muhammad cartoons

  • Published news and announcements from the UN, OSCE, CoE & EU
  • Answered queries from NGOs and others, gathered and analysed data on NGOs and developments in the field, brought together NGOs working on the same topics in different countries.
  • Reported on the OSCE/ODIHR HDIM Tolerance and Non Discrimination Day and the Roma and Sinti Day (www.icare.to/hdim2006/hdim2006.html) in English and Russian.





In 2006, we:

  • INACH was Invited to Latvia to review the Protocol for Respect and Anti-Hate on the Internet signed by Human Rights organizations, Internet Service Providers, Minority Rights groups and other stakeholders and met with the Latvian Ministry of Electronic Affairs, the Latvian Human Rights Department, and law enforcement officers to advise them on how to deal with cyber hate.
  • We assisted the Latvian Centre for Human Rights in becoming a new INACH member.
  • Assisted People Against Racism Slovakia with securing funding through the OSCE
  • Met with ODIHR's Tolerance and Non Discrimination Program to discuss our respective reporting databases to insure smooth information exchange.
  • Assisted EXPO, Sweden with trying to obtain EU funding
  • Participated in the Conference on the role of Web and satellite TV in the relationships between people in the OSCE, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern areas organized by MEDEA, Belgian OSCE Chairmanship
  • Gave a presentation on Antisemitism on the Internet for The Centre Européen Juif d'Information (CEJI) in Brussels
  • Participated in and gave input to the European Parliament Anti Racism Diversity Intergroup meeting on Counter-Terrorism and Ethnic Profiling. The Intergroup is an informal coalition within the EU Parliament that seeks to enhance the collaboration between Members of the European Parliament, political groups, and other stakeholders such as NGOs, trade unions and other European institutions on issues related to racism and equality.
  • Coordinated international action against Redwatch, a racist website that publishes a "hit list" of human rights defenders.
  • Met with the EUropean Network Against Racism (ENAR) to prepare for two Anti Racism diversity Intergroup sessions about racism on the Internet
  • Secured ZARA in Austria and the Media Monitoring Agency in Romania to become new network members.
  • Designed a new INACH website, built and implemented a central international electronic reporting database that generates comparative output.

§ Published the 1st INACH annual report

§ Organized an INACH side event during the OSCE HDIM meeting in Warsaw

§ Held the first of two sessions on racism on the Internet for the EP-Intergroup

§ Participated in an expert seminar on "Combating racism while respecting freedom of expression" organized by ECRI Council of Europe

§ Coordinated and instigated several concerted efforts regarding special areas of concern on the Internet, like neo-nazi material on youtube/google video.

Coalition Building

‘Coalition Building' addresses the problems of racism, antisemitism, discrimination, Muslim hate, Homophobia and other intolerances through the building a new European Human Rights and antiracism coalition. The project consists of a 3-year pilot-phase. The project started in January 2006. In order to facilitate the work, a project manager Maria Miguel Sierra was hired, based in Brussels. During the first year of this project segment, key-organisations were identified, a founding conference was held and preparations on a first campaign were started.

To alleviate some of the Durban-legacy we have created a consensus-driven pan-European NGO coalition (Coalition Europe) modelled along the lines of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR). As far back as in 2001 (in the aftermath of the WCAR and 9/11) we decided that is was imperative to attempt to repair damage. In that sense, Coalition Europe was born in Durban.

The core group of Coalition Europe exists of the European Coordination for Foreigners' right to family life (Immigration issues), The European Union of Jewish Students (Anti-Semitism and youth cooperation), The Monitoring Group (domestic violence, institutional racism and discrimination suffered by Asian communities, United Kingdom), Sos rassismus deutschscheiwz (Anti-black racism and women issues, Switzerland), Demos Centre (Human Rights with a specific focus on extremist and violent groups, Russian Federation), Arci (Immigration, antidiscrimination, Italy), the Latvian Centre for Human Rights (Human Rights, Latvia) and Magenta Foundation. The Launch of the first campaign (on hate crime) will take place 14-16 march 2007 in London as a 3-day meeting including a press conference in the House of Commons and, in cooperation with OSCE/ODIHR, an expert meeting on the further development of a European Curriculum on Hate Crime, drafted by the Anti Defamation League.

Achievements during 2006

  • Established a Founding Group
  • Organized a founding conference
  • Completed a vision and mission statement (see attached)
  • Approved a membership procedure
  • Prepared a list of topics for future campaigns
  • Met to discuss how to introduce the coalition
  • Introduced the coalition at the OSCE Human Dimensions Implementation Meeting in Warsaw.
  • Identified additional organizations to participate in the coalition (Ni pute ni soumise, France - Opferperspektive e.V, Germany - CEJI, Belgium - FEMYSO, Belgium - Moviemento Contra La Intolerancia, Spain - Churches Commission for racial justice, UK.
  • Hosted the second conference
  • Selected a first campaign issue (Hate Crime), campaign to be launched mid-march 2007.
  • Designed the Coalition Europe website.