Magenta Projects
January 2005 - In cooperation with the Dutch Auschwitz Committee, Remembrance Center Transit Camp Westerbork and The resistance Museum Amsterdam,  Magenta Foundation webcasts the reading of the 102.000 names of all Jews, Roma & Sinti deported from the Netherlands by the Nazis and murdered in the Death Camps. Between 22nd tot met 27th January 2005 at two locations, The resistance Museum Amsterdam and Transit Camp Westerbork, family members, Dutch celebrities, politicians, school classes and volunteers continuously read the names,which took 112 hours.

Our special thanks to ASTRON, The Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy, who supported us by providing their on-site Terabit-connections free of charge.

These photos were taken at the second working location, Transit Camp Westerbork. 



INACH, INACH Secretariat

  • We supported candidate members in France, Moldova, Slovakia & Russia starting their operations.
  • We identified and trained potential new network nodes and candidate members in Spain, Moldova, Russian Federation, Belarus, Romania, Slovakia, Latvia and Canada.
  • We developed and implemented a central international electronic reporting mechanism (database), which generates comparative outputs.
  • We created and disseminated a new and updated version of our ‘HowTo’ CD-rom for new and starting network nodes.
  • Facilitated by –and in cooperation with the Tolerance and non-Discrimination program of OSCE/ODIHR we held a workshop for potential new network nodes in Central -and Eastern Europe. on May 13 and 14, 2005 in Warsaw.


  • Broadened and enhanced our relevance to non-English speakers by creating a Spanish and French mailing list
  • Increased the number of subscribers of our mailing lists
  • Gathered and disseminated news
  • Created a Central & Eastern European News feed, a Spanish News feed and a French News feed
  • Installed Regional support officers for French Speaking and Spanish speaking countries; installed a Regional support officer for Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Reported on events like the European Action week against racism, OSCE conferences
  • Organized a workshop/side event on Bridge-building between Jews and Muslims
  • Supported NGOs during actions like the action against the Rudolf Hess commemoration in Germany and The Greek action against a neo-nazi festival
  • Did a survey on NGO interest in a WCAR Follow-up conference (Durban +5)
  • Did a satisfaction-survey about the ICARE News service
  • Supported the founding of Cultural Foundation ‘De Levante '
  • Did an Internet live video-broadcast of the continuous reading of the names of the 102.000 Dutch Holocaust victims
  • Published three ICARE News specials on Auschwitz commemorations, The London bombings, and the Anthony Walker murder (UK)
  • Published news and announcements from the UN, OSCE, CoE & EU
  • Answered queries from NGOs and others, gathered and analysed data on NGOs and developments in the field, brought together NGOs working on the same topics in different countries.
  • Hosted and facilitated ‘Counter Anti Semitism Worldwide', an international list on antisemitism
  • Held a survey on the interest in a follow-up to the Durban 2001 UN World Conference Against Racism (WCAR).