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Human Rights/Refugees

Disability Resources

  • People With Disabilities-Uganda Our vision is peace in the World and accessible living for all people. Our Mission is to achieve this vision by promoting awareness, peace building and services that will improve the status of people with disabilities and the people of Uganda as a whole.
  • Uganda Society for Disabled Children USDC is a development agency established in 1985 to improve the quality of life of children and young people with disabilities in Uganda.


  • Isis International-Uganda Isis-Women's International Cross Culture Exchange is an action oriented women's resource centre which was started in 1974 in Geneva, Switzerland. It relocated to Kampala, Uganda at the end of 1993 to try and tap information concerning African women and make it more accessible and available to women worldwide. Isis-WICCE was founded in response to the increasing information needs of women from various regions of the world to communicate ideas, create solidarity networks, and share information to overcome gender related inequalities.


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