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  • Info-Türk
    Turco-European working group founded in 1974, has the honour of having published in Europe the only bilingual periodical on Turkey without any interruption for twenty three years. In order to inform the world opinion of the social, economic, cultural and political life of Turkey and the problems of the immigration coming from that country, Info-Türk has also published for over 25 years many books, pamphlets, files, records and cassettes in different languages, mainly in English, French, Dutch, German and Turkish. Denouncing the violations of human rights in that country, Info-Türk contributes to the struggle for democracy in Turkey as well.

Human Rights/Refugees

  • ASAM
    The Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants is a non-profit humanitarian, non-governmental organisation concerned with refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced persons regardless of race, religion, nationality or political conviction, and it is also to defend the human rights of migrants in Turkey. ASAM, established on 22 December 1995, is the only NGO in Turkey in the field of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. The purpose of ASAM is to deal with the problems of refugees, asylum seekers, temporary asylum seekers and migrants, to find solutions to these problems and to help these people.
  • Derechos Human Rights in Turkey.
  • Human Rights Association of Turkey
  • Press Agency Ozgurluk
    Human Rights, Justice and Democracy in Turkey and Kurdistan
  • The Project Disappeared
    attempt by diverse human rights organizations and activists to keep the memory of the disappeared alive and search for justice. It is a place to get to know and to remember the victims of State terrorism in Latin America and the world. (English/Spanish)
  • TÜDAY - Menschenrechtsverein Türkei/Deutschland ¤ Türkiye/Almanya Insan Haklari Dernegi

Gay & Lesbian Resources

    KAOS GL was founded in September, 1994, to unite Turkey's homosexuals in the struggle against discrimination. The group's underlying philosophy is that the liberation of homosexuals will also free heterosexuals.
  • Lambda Istanbul
    liberation group for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people in Turkey. It has a stable membership of around 100.


  • Women for Women’s Human Rights
    WWHR-New Ways is a women’s and human rights NGO established in Turkey in 1993. Our mission is to promote women’s human rights and to support the active and broad participation of women as free individuals and equal citizens in the establishment and maintenance of a democratic and peaceful order at national, regional and international levels.


  • ECRI
    The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance is a body of the Council of Europe set up by the first Summit of Heads of State and of Government of the member States of the Council of Europe held in Vienna in October 1993.
  • United for Intercultural Action
    European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees.

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