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Human Rights/Refugees

  • Derechos Human Rights in China&Tibet.
  • Free Tibet Campaign. Free Tibet Campaign stands for the Tibetans' right to determine their own future. It campaigns for an end to China's occupation of Tibet and for the Tibetans' fundamental human rights to be respected. Founded in 1987, Free Tibet Campaign generates active support by educating people about the situation in Tibet. It is independent of all governments and is funded by its members and supporters.
  • International Campaign for Tibet (ICT). The International Campaign for Tibet works to promote human rights and democratic freedoms for the people of Tibet. ICT
    monitors and reports on human rights, environmental and socio economic conditions in Tibet,
    advocates for Tibetans imprisoned for their political or religious beliefs,
    works with governments to develop policies and programs to help Tibetans,
    secures humanitarian and development assistance for Tibetans,
    mobilizes individuals and the international community to take action on behalf of Tibetans, and promotes self-determination for the Tibetan people through negotiations between the Chinese government and the Dalai Lama.
  • Students for a Free Tibet (SFT). Students for a Free Tibet (SFT) works in solidarity with the Tibetan people in their struggle for freedom and independence. We are a chapter-based network of young people and activists around the world. Through education, grassroots organizing, and non-violent direct action, we campaign for Tibetansí fundamental right to political freedom. Our role is to empower and train youth as leaders in the worldwide movement for social justice.
  • Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD). TCHRD is the first Tibetan non-governmental human rights organization to be established in exile in India. Founded in 1996, TCHRD is registered as an NGO under Section 2 of the Indian Societies Registration Act, 1860 and is based in Dharamsala, North India.
    TCHRD's Mission
    To promote and protect human rights of the Tibetan people in Tibet
    To educate the exile Tibetan community on human rights principles and democratic concepts
  • Tibet Online. operated by the international Tibet Support Group community, providing information on the plight of Tibet and serving as a virtual community space for the movement. This movement is dedicated to bringing about substantive negotiations without preconditions between the Chinese and Tibetan Governments, so that they can find a solution which will bring an end to the suffering of the Tibetan people, in accordance with the people's right to self-determination.


  • Tibetan Women's Association.The Tibetan Women's Association was originally founded on march 12, 1959 in Tibet when thousands of Tibetan women in Lhasa gathered together to protest against the illegal occupation of our homeland. Our aims are to create public awareness of the abuse faced by Tibetans in Chinese occupied Tibet and to empower women socially, economically and politically. Through community education and publications we preserve and promote the distinct religion, culture and identity of the Tibetan people.

Gay & Lesbian Resources

  • Gay Tibet.Our mission:
    1. To provide a platform for Gay Tibetans to express their views and have a voice of their own.
    2. To support younger gay Tibetans with coming to terms with their sexuality within our society.
    3. Act as Gay Ambassadors of Tibet to world gay communities inorder to spread the word about our political struggle.
    4. Spread awareness to non gay Tibetans about what it means to be gay.
    5. Distribution of information regarding HIV/AIDS and it's prevention measures.
  • Gay Tibet Blog

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