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Human Rights/Refugees

Disability Resources

  • The Foundation To Encourage The Potential Of Disabled Persons.The Foundation To Encourage The Potential Of Disabled Persons is a private, disabled managed Thai Foundation registered in accordance with the laws of Thailand in the Province of Chiang Mai. The Foundation was founded in 1993 by polio survivor Sunan Willcox with assistance from her husband Don.
  • Rejoice Charity.Rejoice Charity provides the highest possible level of care to individuals infected with or affected by HIV/Aids in the Chiang Mai province through programmes specifically aimed at orphaned children’s education, basic medical care, emotional support and HIV/Aids education, awareness and prevention. Rejoice has no religious or political affiliation and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, or ability.

Gay & Lesbian Resources

Indigenous People

  • The Hill Area and Community Development Foundation (HADF).The Hill Area and Community Development Foundation (HADF) was founded in 1986 as a support mechanism to assist Hill Tribes in dealing with problems ranging from environmental management to social development.
  • The Karen Webpage.This Webpage is concerned with the Sgaw Karen of Northern Thailand located in Mae Chaem district of Chiang Mai Province in the area the Karen people call Mu Si Khee (the location of the headwaters of the Mu Si River--what the Thais call the Mae Chaem River).
  • The Hill tribes of Thailand.An overview of the different Hill Tribes of Thailand.


  • Idealist Organizations in Thailand. Idealist allows organizations - whether they have a Website or not - to enter and update information about their services, volunteer opportunities, job openings, internships, upcoming events, and any material or publication they have produced.

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