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You can submit your site by clicking here. Please include the URL of your site, a brief description of the content and under which country and/or subject do you want to be linked (If your country is not yet included in the crosspoint, it will be!).
New url's are processed at least once a month. The Crosspoint is a free and nonprofit service which the Magenta Foundation provides to the Internet community. Generally we link sites which deal with antiracism and antifascism, oppose antisemitism or revisionism, give information about the holocaust, or Human Rights, or deal with (ethnic) minorities or native inhabitants of countries. Please do not send us any unrelated URL's or advertisements (Spam). If you do, your mail will be trashed forthwith. We will NOT look at your page, and you will be dealt with by informing your provider, banning your domain and by any other measures we see fit. You have been warned. Also Magenta Foundation reserves her right to refuse to include any links to sites we do not see as appropriate for the Crosspoint.

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