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Disability Resources

  • The Disabled People's Association Singapore
    "People often close their ears to advice but open their eyes to examples."
    It was with the wisdom of such an adage that the disabled people around the world finally, united in strength and committed in purpose, decided to set up an example of a self-help organisation of the disabled, by the disabled and for the disabled, so as to achieve a "VOICE OF OUR OWN" - "VOX NOSTRA".
    To this purpose, a small group of disabled people in Singapore, with the help of about 100 volunteers, became engaged in a battle against time, obstacles, lack of funds, to mention only a few bring to fruition an idea fathered in Winnipeg, Canada some months earlier in 1980 by 12 people and 300 supporters with disability.
    In pride and not immodesty, we claim the Disabled Peoples' International by right and place of birth as a citizen of our beloved country.
  • MINDS Youth Group

Gay & Lesbian Resources

  • People Like Us. We are gay, lesbian and bisexual Singaporeans, coming together to affirm our dignity, support each other, educate for understanding and work towards integration.


  • Aware Association Of Women For Action And Research. A social services organisation where women may turn to for help, counselling and legal service. It is an activist group which looks into women's and social issues and advocates for change to bring about a more just and equal society. It is an association which is raising the awareness of women's status and rights so as to empower women in making their own life choices. Aware is about friendships, self-growth and shared experiences. Aware started in 1985 as a voluntary organisation of women, by women for women. Aware‘s mission is: To achieve total gender equality so that women can develop their individual potential, participate fully in both public and private life and face all challenges with courage and confidence.


  • Idealist Organizations in Singapore. Idealist allows organizations - whether they have a Website or not - to enter and update information about their services, volunteer opportunities, job openings, internships, upcoming events, and any material or publication they have produced.

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