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  • Amaro Drom A Romano Kher és a Roma Parlament képgyűjteményéből válogattuk ezeket az alkotásokat. Bár csábító volt a lehetőség, hogy virtuális kiállításunk reprezentatív legyen, mi mégis úgy döntöttünk, inkább szubjektív válogatásban mutatunk fel jellegzetes vagy kevésbé jellegzetes, számunkra azonban mindenképp szimpatikus alkotókat és műveiket. A kiállítás terveink szerint folyamatosan bővülni fog, ha új képek vagy alkotók jelentkeznek.
  • ARKA Roma Rights Forum The Roma Rights Forum ARKA is a non-governmental, non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization, establish and registered in November 1998 with the Registry for Citizen Associations in Primary Court, Kumanovo, Macedonia. ARKA was founded by group of Roma people, who were enthusiastic advocates for human rights. The basic task of the organization is the promotion and protection of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of Roma people and other ethnic, minorities and the promotion and strengthening of multiethnic cooperation.
  • Athinagoi Athinganoi is a non-profit organization founded in February 1999 by a Roma ex-member of the parliament, Monika Mihalicková (born in Horáková).
    The main aim of the project is to offer the opportunity to young Roma individuals to be associated with the organization. By doing this the project helps support the education of Roma people overall, contributes to their successful integration into the rest of the society, and promotes the Roma nationality and its culture.
  • Balval Site français consacré ŕ la culture tsigane.
  • The Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015 The Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005–2015 is an unprecedented political commitment by governments in Central and Southeastern Europe to improve the socio-economic status and social inclusion of Roma within a regional framework. The Decade is an international initiative that brings together governments, intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations, as well as Romani civil society to accelerate progress toward improving the welfare of Roma and to review such progress in a transparent and quantifiable way. The Decade focuses on the priority areas of education, employment, health, and housing, and commits governments to take into account the other core issues of poverty, discrimination, and gender mainstreaming.
  • Dom Researach Center The Dom Research Center was established in 1999 to promote Middle East and North Africa Gypsy Studies. The web site is an extension of the center housing documents and pictures for Dom studies and an on-line journal of new research.
  • DMOZ Romani Open Directory Project
  • Dokumentations- und Kulturzentrum Deutscher Sinti und Roma
  • Dzeno Assocation The Dzeno Assocation is a non-profit organization whose goal is to organize citizens of Romany nationality who want to help strenghten their nation. The association aims to support and develop traditional Romany values and characteristics, provides assistance and training to regional Roma groups, and produces a magazine (Amaro Gendalos) and an internet radio station (Radio Rota) that celebrate Roma history and culture.
  • ERGO - European Roma Grassroots Organisations ERGO focuses on Roma empowerment based on a strong grassroots Roma movement. Convincing the majority Roma population to participate in a movement able to solve the Roma issue is in the interest not just of Roma but also of the majority.
  • ERIO - European Roma Information Office The European Roma Information Office (ERIO) founded in 2003, located in Brussels, contributes to the political and public discussions surrounding Roma by providing factual and in-depth information. ERIO works to counteract the historical and current discrimination and exclusion of Romani communities and to contribute to equal representation and participation of Roma in political decision-making.
  • ERTF - European Roma and Travellers Forum ERTF is an international Roma organisation which brings together Roma NGOs from all over Europe. The Forum is unique not only in the size and geographic distribution of its participants. It is also special in that it brings together representatives of several ethnic Roma groups such as Kelderas, Lovara, Sinti, Kale, Beas, Jenish, Resande, Pavees/Travellers, and more than twenty others. It is the only international Roma and Traveller organization which unites NGOs, political parties, religious institutions and other types of leadership in one organisational structure.
  • European Roma Rights Center The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) is an international public interest law organisation engaging in a range of activities aimed at combating anti-Romani racism and human rights abuse of Roma. The approach of the ERRC involves, in particular, strategic litigation, international advocacy, research and policy development, and training of Romani activists.
  • Exchange House Travellers Service Exchange House is one of the main providers of youth services and social services to the Travelling (Roma / Gypsy) Community in Dublin, Ireland
  • Germany's Romany and Sinti Peoples Remember Buchenwald
  • Gypsy Collections at the University of Liverpool comprise the Gypsy Lore Society Archive, and the Scott Macfie Gypsy Collection of books, manuscripts, prints, photographs, sound recordings and press cuttings. The holdings encompass over 50,000 items in various media.
  • Hermandad de Los Gitanos de Sevilla
  • Irish Traveller Movement The Irish Traveller Movement (ITM) is a national network of organisations and individuals working within the Traveller community.
    ITM was established in 1990 and now has over eighty Traveller organisations from all parts of Ireland in its membership. The Irish Traveller Movement consists of a partnership between Travellers and settled people committed to seeking full equality for Travellers in Irish society. This partnership is reflected in all of the structures of ITM.
  • Lennys Resande sida En Resande sida om svenska Resande(Tattare) om Historia,chatt,Fakta,Gästbok mm
  • Manush Alapítvány A Manush Alapítvány nevét a lóvári nyelvből kölcsönözte. A magyar köznyelvben nap mint nap használatos kifejezés embert jelent. A Manush alapítvány 2003-ban alapított független közhasznú magánalapítvány. Az Alapítvány célja olyan kezdeményezések támogatása és ösztönzése, melyek a romák és nem romák közötti társadalmi párbeszédet konkrét tevékenységgel segítik.
  • Manush Foundation Manush, the Roma word for human being, is an organization dedicated to the education and empowerment of the Roma, Hungary’s largest minority.This is done through programs which facilitate (intercultural) education and re-integration into the information society, especially of the socially disadvantaged teenagers in partnership with their teachers. One of the aims of our project is to provide general skills of using the tools of the information society finally for both groups, Roma and Non-Roma. But not only the knowledge of the use of tools are important to us. Another aim is to help creating conscious and critical media consumers and to encourage being pro active and establish i.e. school radios, videos or home pages, printed or electronic newspapers about and for their community but also TO SUPPORT SELF-ESTEEM. Bridging the communication gap by providing communication techniques of the majority society is a further responsibility. To pay respect of cultural differencies or similarities for example between Roma and Nonroma is a task as well.
  • Mariella Mehr Romani novelist, poet of German language, lives and works in Tuscany (Italy), she was grown up under the Swiss Roma-opression campaign (1924-73). For her political, historical and poetical activities in favour of minorities she was honoured with a PH.D. (honoris causa) by the University of Basel (Switzerland) in 1998.
  • Media Diversity Institute The Media Diversity Institute (MDI) is a charity, non-partisan organization that mobilises the power of media to lessen inter-group conflict, advance human rights – especially minority rights – and support deeper public understanding of all types of social diversity.
  • OsservAzione Centro di ricerca azione contro la discriminazione di rom e sinti č un'associazione di promozione sociale - onlus che nasce ufficialmente nel 2005, ma con una lunga storia alle spalle.
  • O VURDÓN Sito italiano di storia e cultura "romaní"
  • PAKIV Network Pakiv European Network works for strengthening democratic practices and effective fulfilment of human rights by promoting participatory approaches to development in Roma communities.
  • The Patrin - Gypsy Culture and History
  • Pavee point's Page/The Travellers Centre, Dublin Pavee point is a voluntary organisation commited to human rights for Travellers/Roma, Gypsies,ethnic minorities.
  • Roma Community And Advocacy Centre Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    The Roma Community and Advocacy Centre (RCAC) was established September, 1997, and is devoted to promoting the interests of Canadian and newly arrived Roma.
  • RI - Roma Initiatives OSI is a major non-governmental funder and policy advocate on Roma issues in Central, Eastern, and South Eastern Europe, working on a wide range of issues, including civil society development, education, media, gender, local government and health. In order to improve the combined impact of its Roma work and to make a consistent contribution to the Decade of Roma Inclusion, OSI has established the Roma Initiatives Office. The purpose of this office is to guide and coordinate all aspects of OSI network programming and grantmaking activity related to Roma beneficiaries, including work presently undertaken by other OSI initiatives and Soros foundations.
  • Roma Deportations from Germany This is a website which is reporting on the topic of Roma deportations from Germany to Kosovo and the situation in Kosovo.
  • Roma in Israel
  • RomaNetwork We need to start realizing that Roma Rights are Human Rights and any violation of our rights is a violation of anybody's rights.
  • Roma Together Our organization is a first non governmental Roma organization created in the Municipality of Polski Trambesh, Bulgaria. Our mission is to initiate changes in public policies towards Roma minority, implement concrete actions in defending Roma minority rights and act as a mediator between the Roma communities and local and central levels of the Government administration to assure adequate and efficient rights based policies towards Roma and protection and fulfilment of their rights.
  • Romani Linguistics Page The Romani Linguistics Page operated by the Romani Project at the University of Manchester offers background information on the language, maps, bibliographies, a sample of audio files with transcriptions, maps of isoglosses, a database of phrases in various dialects (searchable by wordlist, by grammatical category, and by free choice of phrase), downloadable publications, and other resources.
  • Romani World Romani World and Cigány Világ are produced in direct collaboration with Romani individuals and communities. Copyright will rest with Romani World. Any Copyright income, and all operational profits, will be transferred to the Romani Development Trust Fund (RDTF) to support development initiatives in Romani communities.
  • Romano Denmark's oldest gipsy association
    "ROMANO" is Denmark's oldest Roma association. It was founded in 1942 as a subunit of the famous resistance group "Holger Danske" ("Holger the Dane") and it helped Jews, gypsies and other refugees escape the Nazis to Sweden. Later it saw that Finnish gipsy children were included in the contingent of Finnish children that came to Denmark and that Finnish gipsy war invalids could come to Denmark for recuperation although gypsies were officially by law forbidden entrance to the Kingdom of Denmark until 1952.
    "Romano" has as its main goals:
    - to show solidarity with and assist gypsies and travelers in Denmark, assisting in securing their human rights and rights of citizenship in both the social and cultural fields.
    - to increase public knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the history and culture of the gypsies, to develop information and educational material that presents an alternative and broader understanding of the reality of gipsy life.
    - to effect this by publications, media productions, courses, training, teaching, information, exhibition, theatre and concert activities.
    - to initiate and support project and media activities furthering these goals.
  • Romano Them The aim of this website is to inform about the situation of Roma in Kosovo and Kosovo Roma in Diaspora.
  • Romantic Blogging Roma issues around Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Romlex Project ROMLEX documents the Romani lexicon. It gives users an opportunity to consult materials in different dialects of Romani, and to obtain translations into different languages.
    ROMLEX is not a Romani dictionary in the usual sense. ROMLEX is a lexical database. It contains data that are representative of the variation in the lexicon of all Romani dialects, and offers almost complete coverage of the basic lexicon of the Romani language. At present, data are available online covering 25 different Romani dialects. These are accompanied by translations into English and, depending on the Romani dialect, into other European languages as well. By providing an electronic resource of the highest quality, which can constantly be updated, the ROMLEX database can serve as a foundation for future dissemination of Romani literary resources and Romani language literacy itself.
  • The RomNews Network a regular information service about Roma and Roma refugees in English. An independent service of the Roma National Congress.
  • Home Page Dedicated to the Roma for their recognition as a people and as a nation, and to their struggle for freedom and against persecution and oppression worldwide.
  • Romani Links Page
  • Sinti and Roma:Victims of the Nazi Era
  • SPOLU SPOLU International supports initiatives in Central and Eastern Europe, aiming to improve the socio-economic position of Roma communities. As an intermediary organisation Spolu finds financial means and political support for good initiatives in Central and Eastern Europe. With ten years of experience, Spolu is internationally appreciated as an expert organisation.
  • Stacia Spragg: The Dream A photographic essay among the Chergari Gypsies in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
  • Les Tsiganes Ni ethnologue, ni linguiste, ni sociologue, je ne suis que le témoin ami, d'un long parcours sur les routes de France, de familles Tsiganes, de Gens du voyage, de Circassiens.
  • Union Romani in Barcelona (Spain)
  • Urban Gypsies (UK)
  • CBF - Unreached People Groups - Romany

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