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Indigenous Resources

  • Chirapaq is a non- governmental organization without lucrative resources. It executes projects from an intercultural perspective and develops propositions with indigenous peoples. The work is concentrated on improving especially the situation of indigenous women and children. The goal of Chirapaq is to achieve a full exercise of the rights of indigenous peoples and to improve the equality of genders within a framework of sustainable development. The organization was founded in 1986 in Lima, Peru by a group of people who were aspiring to achieve the confirmation of the identity and the rights of the indigenous peoples.

Human Rights/Refugees

  • Derechos Human Rights in Peru.
  • El Proyecto Desaparecidos es un proyecto de diversos organismos y activistas de derechos humano para mantener la memoria y alcanzar la justicia. Es un lugar donde poder conocer y recordar a las víctimas del terrorismo de estado en América Latina y el mundo.

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