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Anti Racism/Anti Fascism

  • Buraku Kaihoo Doomei Buraku Liberation League formed in 1955 with a central aim to demand improvements in Buraku communities and to oppose instances of discrimination against Burakumin. Particularly since the mid 1980s, it has adopted a self-consciously international approach as it tried to shame the Japanese government into taking action for Burakumin by making presentations to the United Nations committees on human rights. In the mid 1990s the BLL has been re-examining its priorities in order to re-orient the movement for the twenty first century. In terms of the budget of the organisation, its membership and range of activities this is the largest organisation in Japan with an interest in human rights. Closely linked to the BLL is the Buraku Liberation Research Institute (BLRI).
  • Buraku Liberation and Human Rights Research Institute. The aim of the BLHRRI is to eliminate all forms of discrimination, particularly the Buraku problem in Japan. The BLHRRI has been contributing to a prompt solution of discrimination through its investigation and research activities in the fields of history, social matters, economy, the judiciary, education as well as social movements. In addition, the BLHRRI organizes conferences, symposia, seminars and human rights awareness-raising courses.
  • IMADR International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism (Japanese/English)

Human Rights/Refugees

  • Amnesty International Japan.
  • Hurights Osaka aims to achieve the following goals:
    a. to promote human rights in the Asia-Pacific region;
    b. to convey Asia-Pacific perspectives on human rights to the international community;
    c. to ensure inclusion of human rights principles in Japanese international cooperation activities;
    d. to raise human rights awareness among the people in Japan to meet its growing internationalization.
  • Human Rights in Japan.
  • The Japan Federation of Bar Associations/Nihon Bengoshi Rengokai. As a source of protection of fundamental human rights and of realization of social justice (Article 2, Articles of Association) maintains the roll of attorneys (Article 8, Practicing Attorney Law, the "Law"), and in view of the purpose and duties of attorneys, to govern matters relating to the guidance, liaison and supervision of all attorneys and bar associations in order to maintain their dignity and improve and advance the work of attorneys.
  • International University of Japan. Matsushita Library and Information Center

Disability Resources

  • Asia Disability Institute Independent living in Japan ADI was established in 1990 in Hachioji, Japan. It aims to promote independence of persons with disabilities in Asia.

Gay & Lesbian Resources

  • GayNet Japan GNJ is a non-profit community service organization founded in 1988. GNJ is the oldest online community in Japan for gay people. Our mission is to provide a friendly, at-home, supportive atmosphere for gay people.


  • Fem-net Electronic Network for active women contributing to Women's Movement in Japan.
  • Japan Asian Women Center. We are NGO to support defense of women's rights and independence of women.
  • Women's Online Media Established in August 1995 by seven women in Japan, WOM is a non-profit, independent organization made up of women from diverse backgrounds, including company employees, homemakers, and students.
    WOM aims at introducing women to the uses of electronic media. Using the Internet, which has spread throughout the world, WOM is striving to serve as an accessible conduit to the overwhelming amount of information about women, women's studies, and women's issues on the Net. In addition, WOM hopes to dispatch information --that is, information not typically available in official publications and government announcements-- on the current condition of Japanese women, as well as to assist in creating a network among different women's groups scattered throughout Japan. Further, WOM is happy to assist women who want to learn how to use the Internet for their own activities.


  • RENK. Rescue The North Korean People Urgent Action Network
  • Idealist Organizations in Japan

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