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  • Center For World Indigenous Studies CWIS is an independent, non-profit (U.S.)research and education organization dedicated to wider understanding and appreciation of the ideas and knowledge of indigenous peoples and the social, economic and political realities of indigenous nations.
  • Cultural Survival. Founded in 1972, is a recognized leader in educational and communication forums that advocate the rights, voice and vision of indigenous peoples. We believe that indigenous peoples should be able to determine their own futures on their own lands.
  • DMOZ Indigenous People Open Directory Project
  • FIMI (International Indigenous Women's Forum) The International Indigenous Women's Forum (best known as FIMI, by its Spanish initials) is a network of Indigenous women leaders from Asia, Africa, and the Americas. FIMI's mission is to bring together Indigenous women activists, leaders, and human rights promoters from different parts of the world to coordinate agendas, build unity, develop leadership and advocacy skills, increase Indigenous women's role in international decision-making processes, and advance women's human rights.
    FIMI's work aims to:
    * Amplify Indigenous women's voices in the international arena;
    * Strengthen local Indigenous women's organizations; and
    * Promote collaboration between the Indigenous women's movement and the non-Indigenous global women's movement.
  • FIMI (Foro Internacional de Mujeres Indígenas) , FIMI, es una red de Mujeres Indígenas líderes, articuladas a redes de organizaciones locales, nacionales y regionales de Asia, África y América. La misión del FIMI es reunir a mujeres indígenas activistas, líderes y promotoras de derechos humanos de diversas partes del mundo para articular sus agendas, fortalecer la unidad, desarrollar capacidades de liderazgo y defensa, incrementar su participación en los procesos de toma de decisión a nivel internacional y avanzar en los derechos humanos de las mujeres.
    El trabajo de FIMI se centra en:
    * Ampliar las voces de las mujeres indígenas en el ámbito internacional;
    * Fortalecer las organizaciones locales de mujeres indígenas;
    * Promover la articulación entre el movimiento de mujeres indígenas y no indígenas;
  • IWGIA an independant international organization staffed by specialists and advisers on indigenous affairs. IWGIA supports indigenous peoples' human rights, self -determination, right to territory, control of land and resources, cultural integrity, and the right to development.
  • NativeWeb is a collection of resources for indigenous peoples.
  • PIPLinks Indigenous Peoples Links (PIPLinks) exists to uphold and promote the collective and individual human rights of Indigenous Peoples and other land-based communities.
  • Survival International is a worlwide organisation supporting tribal peoples. It stands for their right to decide their own future and helps them protect their lives, lands and human rights.
    Survival es una organización mundial de apoyo a los pueblos indígenas. Defiende su derecho a decidir su propio futuro y les ayuda a proteger sus vidas, tierras y derechos humanos.

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  • Aboriginal Connections A comprehensive web directory presenting categorized information to Canadian Aboriginal, Native American and International Indigenous sites on the world wide web. Updated daily with frequently added new listings. Initially started as NAPE Aboriginal Links in 1997.

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