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Human Rights/Refugees

  • Amnesty International Iceland.
  • The Icelandic Human Rights Center
    The purpose and aim of the Center is to collect information on human rights issues in Iceland and abroad and to make this information accessible to the general public. Furthermore, it is to advance information on human rights issues by holding conferences, seminars and meetings on human rights topics, as well as promoting human rights education and research on human rights issues.

Disability Resources

  • The Organization of Disabled in Iceland
    Öryrkjabandalag Íslands – ÖBÍ was founded in 1961. There were originally six member associations; their number has now grown to 27, all of which are represented on the board of the Organization.
  • Sjalfsbjorg, the association of disabled in Iceland
    Sjálfsbjörg (literally "self-help") is a national federation for disabled people; it was founded on June 4. 1959. There are now 17 Sjálfsbjörg organisations all over Iceland. The goal of Sjálfsbjörg is to fight for the equality of movement-impaired people in all fields. Sjálfsbjörg wants to inform the public aware of the circumstances of movement-impaired people. In spite of many kinds of improvement to the benefit of disabled people over the last several years, there is still a long way to go to reach equality. There are nearly 3000 members of Sjálfsbjörg, and more than half of them are movement-impaired. Sjálfsbjörg's headquarters are at Hátún 12, 105 Reykjavik. The offices of the national federation and the Sjálfsbjörg Community Centre are on the first floor of the west wing of Hátún 12.

Gay & Lesbian Resources

  • Reykjavik Gay Pride
  • Samtökin 78
    In the past 20 years Samtökin 78 have achieved much in making gay men and lesbians visible in Iceland and thus worked a lot against prejudices. Samtökin 78 have also ensured that gay men and lesbians in Iceland have more legal rights than most countries in the world. Samtökin 78, The Organization of Icelandic Lesbians and Gay men, was formed in 1978. The founding members were 13 gay men. No lesbian was found to take part in the beginning and that says a lot about the situation back then. Today the members are 300 in total, both gay men and lesbians.


  • The Icelandic Women´s Rights Association
    Established in 1907, the Icelandic Women´s Rights Association (IWRA) is the first formal organisation of Icelandic women fully focusing its efforts on the struggle for political equality between men and women, as well as on equal opportunities in education and profession. These were its main objectives at the turn of the century, whereas in recent years the Association´s emphasis has increasingly been on the general struggle for full and real equality between the genders.


  • Idealist Organizations in Iceland. Idealist allows organizations - whether they have a Website or not - to enter and update information about their services, volunteer opportunities, job openings, internships, upcoming events, and any material or publication they have produced.
  • Peace 2000 an international network uniting peace organisations, businesses, the general public and politicians in a global call for action towards peace, non-violence and sustainable future for all in a clean and healthy environment.
  • United for Intercultural Action European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees.
  • Youth Against Racism in Europe
  • ECMI The European Centre for Minority Issues is a non-partisan, bi-national institution founded in 1996 by the Governments of the Kingdom of Denmark, the Federal Republic of Germany, and the German State of Schleswig-Holstein. The three founders are represented by the Danish Ministry of Research and Information Technology, the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, and the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Cultural Affairs.
  • ECRI The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance is a body of the Council of Europe set up by the first Summit of Heads of State and of Government of the member States of the Council of Europe held in Vienna in October 1993.

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