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Anti Racism/Anti Fascism

  • Artists Against Racism
    non-profit Canadian organization geared toward youth.
  • Anti-Racist Action Canada
    Welcome to the home of Anti-Racist Action Canada. Anti-Racist Action is an international movement of people committed to exposing, opposing and confronting racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of bigotry.
    Since the first Canadian chapter formed in Toronto in 1992, ARA has met with enormous success in Canada. Presently, ARA chapters and supporters are active in several cities across the country, from Vancouver to Halifax.
  • Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society (CAERS)
    CAERS is a registered non-profit organization with more then twenty years of experience in providing anti-racist education and research. The objective of this Web site is to provide timely, accurate and reliable information to help communities, government agencies, schools, businesses and non-profit organizations stop racism.
  • Canadian Race Relations Foundation/ Fondation canadienne des relations raciales.
    Our objective is to help bring about a more harmonious Canada, which acknowledges its racist past, recognizes the pervasiveness of racism today, and is committed to a future in which all Canadians are treated equitably and fairly.
    Nous avons pour objectif de contribuer à l'essor d'une société canadienne plus harmonieuse, qui admet les manifestations racistes de son passé, reconnaît l'omniprésence du racisme aujourd'hui, et s'engage collectivement à bâtir un avenir juste et équitable pour tous les Canadiens.
  • Committee on Race Relations and Cross Cultural Understanding
  • March 21/ Le 21 Mars.
  • Media Awareness Netword/Réseau Éducation-Médias
    MNet’s foundation program examines a wide range of media, including television, film, video games, newspapers, advertising and popular music. The Parents section of our site offers tips for talking to kids about the media, and advice on managing media use in the home. The Educators section includes teaching units and supporting materials designed to Canadian provincial media education outcomes for grades K-12. The Media Issues section examines media-related topics such as stereotyping, violence, privacy, marketing to children, the portrayal of diversity in the media, and online hate.
    Depuis sa fondation, le Réseau s’est engagé dans une étude approfondie d’un grand nombre de médias populaires, dont la télévision, le cinéma, les jeux vidéo, les journaux, l’industrie de la publicité et la musique populaire. La section Pour les parents de notre site offre de nombreux conseils sur la manière de discuter avec les jeunes des médias et de l’importance d’en faire une utilisation responsable à la maison. La section Pour les enseignants comprend des activités et des ressources pédagogiques, adaptées aux programmes provinciaux d’éducation aux médias, de la maternelle à la fin du secondaire. La section Enjeux des médias examine un certain nombre de questions reliées aux médias : stéréotypes, violence, vie privée, publicité visant les jeunes, reflet de la diversité canadienne et propos haineux sur Internet.
  • The Northern Alberta Alliance on Race Relations
    NAARR is an organization dedicated to the elimination of racism.
    NAARR focuses much of its efforts on developing and promoting anti-racist and multicultural educational tools and resources for schools and teachers. NAARR also raises awareness about the consequences of racism, its sources and causes, as well as ways to combat racism through many year-round events.
  • Share my world
    My site explores the common human experience of alienation through photographs and stories. I am Wayne Dunkley, a black photographer who hung posters of my face in Toronto. I photographed the responses over a three-year period. I share some of my own experiences of racism to stimulate you to consider prejudice, "otherness," and hope in your own life. Your stories of pain and hope for change will be published on the site.
  • Youth R.O.A.R. (Reach Out Against Racism)
    To encourage youth (14-24) leadership in promoting the unlearning of racism through the development of diversity training resources and related initiatives, in a way that is empowering, sustainable, and occurring within an environment where all participants will feel welcome, safe and respected


  • The Town of Ajax Race Relations Advisory Committee
    confirmed by the Town Council in January 1997.
    The Committee is a mixed structure consisting of 20 people; one member from Town Council, two Town Staff members, one youth member from each of the two School Boards and the remainder is composed of residents of the Town.
    Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of British Columbia represents a coalition of over 85 organizations providing multicultural and immigrant settlement services in the Province of British Columbia.
    AMSSA believes in a harmonious, just, and equitable society which values the diverse mix of the many cultures and peoples calling Canada their home.
  • CEC Canadian Ethnocultural Council Conseil ethnoculturel du Canada.
  • Canada Immigration specializes in providing representation for those who wish to immigrate to Canada permanently, or on temporary visas to visit, study, or work in Canada. This also includes family sponsorships for those who are already in Canada and are seeking to be re-united with their loved ones.
  • Canada Immigrant Job Issues was established by Georgina Vazquez who immigrated to Canada from Mexico in 1997. Georgina's professional background includes a Masters in Population Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies, some postgraduate and language courses, and several years experience as a social researcher in academic and government institutions. Having experienced the difficulties of finding a job in Canada, she decided to make a resourceful and analytical web site about systemic racism in Canada, which influence would reach local, national, and international attention in order to improve the situation of immigrants, especially of visible minorities, in this country.
  • CEETUM - Centre d'etudes ethniques, University of Montreal
  • Chinese Canadian National Council.
    CCNC was founded in 1980 with a mandate to promote the rights of all Canadians, especially those of Chinese Canadians and to encourage their participation in all fields of the society.
  • Diversity Now
    We hope that opinions and observations and dialogue will help us, help people. Diversity is NOW, it is not a trend or a fad. It is a giant, magnificent reality. Ethnic orientations, languages, spiritual beliefs, economic strata, sexual expression, age, height, weight, skin tone. There is and should always be plenty of space for everyone.
    Diversity is Canada. It will prove to be the magic of civilization in generations to come. NOT tolerance, but full and respectful acceptance. So speak up and let's get the discussion to the forefront.
  • Equality Today!
    An electronic magazine promoting racial equality
  • Harmony
    Founded in 1994, the Harmony Movement encourages Canadians of all racial, cultural and religious origins to embrace and promote harmony, diversity, as well as equality. Members of the Harmony Movement hope to dispel myths about prejudice in our society. We want Canadians to experience and appreciate the many faces, the many voices and the visions that make up the human landscape of Canada. Harmony Movement believes that everyone must make an effort to eliminate the barriers to mutual understanding so that our differences can be recognized and respected.
  • K-W Multicultural Centre.
    As a community-based organization, we work with many other agencies and individuals to provide numerous settlement services and programs to newcomers to Canada. We are committed to raising the cultural awareness and sensitivity of the community at large.
  • Ontario Black Anti-Racist Research Institute
    This site brings to your attention several very important cases that are before the Ontario Labour Relations Board, Ontario Human Rights Commission, Superior Court of Justice (Divisional Court), Ontario Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of Canada and various Administrative Agencies, Boards and Tribunals, in Canada, in relation to discrimination and harassment, unsafe working conditions, reprisal actions, under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Ontario Human Rights Code and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • Pluri Vox
    Canada's national multicultural communications agency, Pluri Vox Media Corporation offers a broad range of services representing cultures and languages from around the world. We are a connection to voices, opinions and goals of North America's ethnic and language communities. Through our operations a specialised relationship with the ethnic press in Canada is sustained.
    Looking inside ourselves and out at the world
    Independent and neutral with regard to all political and religious orientations,® aims to promote awareness of the major democratic principles on which tolerance is based.
    Regard sur nous et ouverture sur le monde
    Indépendant et neutre par rapport à toute orientation politique ou religieuse,® vise à faire connaître les grands principes démocratiques sur lesquels repose la tolérance.
  • Vietnamese Canadian Federation/Fédération Vietnamienne du Canada

Indigenous People

  • Aboriginal Canada Portal
    your single window to Canadian Aboriginal on-line resources, contacts, information, and government programs and services. The portal offers ease of access and navigation to listings of Aboriginal associations, businesses, organizations, bands, communities, groups, news and peoples.
  • Portail des Autochtones au Canada
    un guichet unique qui propose en direct les ressources, les points de contact, les renseignements ainsi que les programmes et services gouvernementaux concernant les Autochtones du Canada. En passant par ce portail, vous accéderez facilement à une liste des associations, des entreprises, des organismes, des bandes, des collectivités, des groupes, des médias et des peuples autochtones.
  • Aboriginal Healing foundation
    Our mission is to encourage and support Aboriginal people in building and reinforcing sustainable healing processes that address the legacy of Physical Abuse and Sexual Abuse in the Residential School system, including intergenerational impacts.
  • Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association
    The Friendship Centre movement began in the mid-1950's when groups were formed in most urban areas across Canada to represent the interests of the increasing number of Aboriginal peoples migrating from outlying reserves. These early Friendship Centres, existed mainly as referral agencies between established social service organizations and urban Aboriginal residents.
  • First perspective
    Canada's source for Aboriginal News and Events
  • First People's Homepage/Site Web des Premières Nations
    from School Net Canada's #1 Aboriginal site! Features 100% original content from across the country PLUS extensive links to hundreds of additional Aboriginal websites across North America. A "must-visit" for educators and students! Updated regularly
  • The Sioux Lookout Anti-Racism Committee
    is dedicated to helping all residents and visitors to our community learn to work and live together while respecting and celebrating our differences. The goal is to develop a just community where the future will be better for us all.

Roma, Sinti & Travellers

  • Roma Community And Advocacy Centre Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    The Roma Community and Advocacy Centre (RCAC) was established September, 1997, and is devoted to promoting the interests of Canadian and newly arrived Roma.

Jewish Resources/Shoah

Human Rights/Refugees

  • Ontario Network for Human Rights
  • Amnesty International Canada English
  • Amnesty International Canadienne Francophone
  • Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture
    CCVT aids survivor to overcome the lasting effects of torture and war. Working with the community, the Centre supports survivors in the process of successful integration into Canadian society, advocates for their protection and integrity, and raises awareness of the continuing effects of torture and war on survivors and their families.
  • The Canadian Council for Refugees/Le Conseil canadien pour les réfugiés.
    The Canadian Council for Refugees is a non-profit umbrella organization committed to the rights and protection of refugees in Canada and around the world and to the settlement of refugees and immigrants in Canada. The membership is made up of organizations involved in the settlement, sponsorship and protection of refugees and immigrants. The Council serves the networking,information-exchange and advocacy needs of its membership.

    Le Conseil canadien pour les réfugiés est un organisme de regroupement sans but lucratif qui se voue à la défense des droits et à la protection des réfugiés au Canada et dans le monde, et à l'établissement des réfugiés et des immigrants au Canada. Ses membres sont des organismes impliqués dans l'établissement, le parrainage et la protection des réfugiés et des immigrants. Le Conseil est au service de ses membres pour leurs besoins en matière d'échange d'informations et d'expériences et de défense des droits.
  • Canadian Human Rights Commission
    By world standards, Canada is a country that respects and protects its citizens' human rights. In 1977, Parliament passed the Canadian Human Rights Act. The Commission began its work one year later. The purpose of the Act is to ensure equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination in federal jurisdiction. The idea behind the Act is that people should not be placed at a disadvantage simply because of their age, sex, race or any other ground covered by the Act. That is discrimination and is against the law.

    To put it simply, the Commission's business is to make the Canadian Human Rights Act work for the benefit of all Canadians. There are three main aspects to its work:
    *To provide effective and timely means for resolving individual complaints;
    * To promote knowledge of human rights in Canada and to encourage people to follow principles of equality; and
    * To help reduce barriers to equality in employment and access to services.
  • Human Rights Internet
    Founded in 1976, HRI is a world leader in the exchange of information within the worldwide human rights community. Launched in the U.S., HRI has its headquarters in Ottawa, Canada. From Ottawa, HRI communicates by phone, fax, mail and the information highway with more than 5,000 organizations and individuals around the world working for the advancement of human rights. A key objective of the organization is to support the work of the global non-governmental community in its struggle to obtain human rights for all. To this end, HRI promotes human rights education, stimulates research, encourages the sharing of information, and builds international solidarity among those committed to the principles enshrined in the International Bill of Human Rights.
  • For the Record 1998: Human Rights in the UN system
    This is the second year that Human Rights Internet, in partnership with the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), is publishing the annual report, For the Record: The United Nations Human Rights System. The report is a summary of the human rights documentation produced, and the human rights activities undertaken, by the United Nations, from 1 January to 31 December, 1998, organized by country as well as thematically.
  • Night's Lantern
    Night's Lantern includes Common Rights ~ a primer of U.N.Texts, sections on Genocide Warnings and Updates, a Bulletin Board for current Human Rights news, a Community Page, and a North American Political Prisoners Page in tribute to those incarcerated for their beliefs.

Disability Resources

  • Across Boundaries
    an ethnoracial community mental health centre which provides a range of supports and services to people of colour who are experiencing mental health problems. We provide a holistic approach to dealing with mental health problems recognizing the interdependence of the spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, social, cultural, linguistic, economic and broader environmental aspects of health that affect the well being of people of colour.
  • Axis Disability Rights Website
    Norman Kunc and Emma Van der Klift have spent the last 20 years working to ensure that people with disabilities are able to take their rightful place in schools, workplaces, and communities. In 1990, Norman and Emma established Axis Consultation and Training Ltd., and since then have been kept quite busy providing in-service and training in the areas of inclusive education, employment equity, conflict resolution, and other disability rights issues.
  • Council of Canadians with Disabilities/Conseil des Canadiens avec déficiences
    -Persons with disabilities hold the same rights and responsibilities as other Canadians. Barriers to our participation discriminate against us and must be removed
    - As full citizens, we assert our right to direct our own lives and make our own decisions.
    - We must be centrally involved in the decision making processes that affect our lives.
    -Que les personnes avec des déficiences ont les mêmes droits et responsabilités que leurs concitoyens. Les obstacles à notre intégration doivent être supprimés.
    -Qu'en tant que citoyens à part entière, nous revendiquons nos droits nous permettant de diriger nos vies et prendre nos propres décisions.
    -Que nous devons être totalement impliqués dans les processus décisionnels affectant nos vies.
  • Inclusion Press International
    Inclusion Press is a small independent press striving to produce readable, accessible, user-friendly books and resources about full inclusion in school, work, and community.
  • Indie
    The Integrated Network of Disability Information & Education/ Info-route sur la déficience vers l'intégration et l'education. Comprehensive, well organized, one-stop resources for products, services, and information for the disability community. Available in English and French.
  • The Rick Hansen Man In Motion foundation
    There are some moments in time that ignite the passion and interest of the world. In the spring of 1987, Rick Hansen created one of those moments when he completed the Man In Motion World Tour, wheeling 40,000 km around the world, to raise awareness of the potential of people with disabilities. He broke down barriers and changed people's perceptions about what is possible for anyone who dreams big dreams and has the determination to see them through. That remarkable journey continues today, fueled by the hope that a cure for spinal cord injury is possible.

Gay & Lesbian Resources

  • The Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives.
    A group of volunteers working in Toronto to preserve lesbian and gay history in Canada and beyond. We've been at it since 1973. And we're organized to continue this work -- and preserve that history -- long into the future. Our primary mandate is to collect and maintain information related to gay and lesbian life in Canada -- though we have lots from elsewhere as well. We gather material on people, organizations, issues and events. This site has more than 300 pages so far.
  • GayCanada.
    The largest and most comprehensive source of Canadian gay, lesbian and bisexual information on the Internet.


  • Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women / Institut canadien de recherche sur les femmes.
    CRIAW is a research institute which provides tools to facilitate organizations taking action to advance social justice and equality for all women. CRIAW recognizes women’s diverse experiences and perspectives; creates spaces for developing women’s knowledge; bridges regional isolation; and provides communication links between/among researchers and organizations actively working to promote social justice and equality for all women.
    L’ICREF est un institut de recherches qui offre des outils pour aider les organisations à agir afin de promouvoir la justice sociale et l’égalité pour toutes les femmes. L’ICREF reconnaît les diverses expériences et perspectives des femmes; crée des espaces pour développer le savoir des femmes; établit des ponts pour briser l’isolement des régions; et assure des liens de communication entre les chercheuses et les organisations qui oeuvrent activement à promouvoir la justice sociale et l’égalité pour toutes les femmes.


  • Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance.
    We are an multi-faith group of four volunteers, who follow four different religious beliefs. We are different from just about every other Web site on the Internet - We do not promote any particular denomination or religion. We promote neither the pro-choice or pro-life stance on any issue. Each of us has very definite personal beliefs about everything from the nature of God to the morality of abortion. But we don't try to advocate those beliefs. Rather, we explain what other individuals and groups believe, as accurately and objectively as we can.
    Ontario Public Interest Research Group Toronto is a volunteer-based group at the University of Toronto, with a mandate for action, education and research on environmental and social justice issues. We are part of an international network of Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs), including ten others in Ontario.

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