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Human Rights/Refugees

  • Chinese Human Rights Web The Chinese Human Rights Web is a site devoted to informed discussion of both historical and contemporary human rights issues, particuarly as they pertain to China. The site is maintained by Stephen C. Angle and Marina Svensson, the coeditors of The Chinese Human Rights Reader: Documents and Commentary, 1900-2000 (Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe, 2001).
  • Hong Kong Human Rights Commission We are a non-governmental, community based organization which promotes human rights development through monitoring and public education, by advocating law reforms, improvements in complaints channels and networking with others who share our concern over human rights in Hong Kong
  • Human Rights in China an international non-governmental organization founded by Chinese scientists and scholars in March 1989. HRIC monitors the implementation of international human rights standards in the People's Republic of China and carries out human rights advocacy and education among Chinese people inside and outside the country.
  • Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor is a local independant organization which aimes to promote better human rights protection in Hong Kong, both in terms of law and of practical daily life.Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor is one of the founding members of Hong Kong Against Racial Discrimination (HARD).
  • Silicon Valley for Democracy in China SVDC is a grassroots organization dedicated to the promotion of democracy and human rights in China with peaceful means through public awareness, community actions and organizational alliances.
  • Laogai Research Foundation a non-profit organization dedicated to compiling factual information about life within the Laogai - China's vast network of forced labor camps.
  • Derechos Human Rights in China&Tibet.
  • Amnesty International China. (Macau South China)
  • Nanjing Massacre Archive. This is an archive for the historical documents and still photography related to the the Nanjing Massacre, and other atrocities committed by Japanese army in China during WW II.

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