About the Crosspoint

The Crosspoint is the Net's biggest collection of links in the field of of Human Rights, Anti-Racism, Refugees, Women's rights, Antifascism, Shoah, etc.. Also we list links to Jewish organizations, Migrant organizations and others. If your organization has a site or homepage on the Web and is not listed here, please submit your URL. We update the Crosspoint at least once a month, so don't be alarmed if you submit a site and it is not listed within a few days.

The Crosspoint was built and is being maintained by the Magenta foundation in Amsterdam , The Netherlands. We hope this site will be a useful tool for people working in 'the field'. Please send all your comments and/or criticism to xpoint@magenta.nl. If you like the service we offer, please link us. You can do that by either putting a text link on your site or you can use one of our banners or buttons . The Crosspoint is checked once a month for changed or obsolete links, but if you notice one anyway, please let us know.

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